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Oats mix

The ingredients used in the N4F mix oats are the highest quality oat flakes, obtained from pressing refined grain oats. This product is improved with selected dehydrated fruit that provides a unique flavor.


N4F mixes and snacks include only the highest quality selected ingredients, added naturally and without any type of additives.

Our product is produced by people and not machines and all the ingredients are selected carefully. Thanks to that, we obtain a very tasty and excellent product that is healthy and nutritious as well.


We have selected the highest quality variety of seeds, cereals and plants that are more beneficial to us.

They are vacuum packed in glass jars to keep their properties (taste, texture and aroma) and to retain all their nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, etc. For this reason all our jars come with seal of guarantee to ensure the preservation of the quality of our products.

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